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      Democracy Dies in Darkness
      A bill introduced by Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Charles Grassley is widely viewed as a bellwether for the bipartisan efforts to pass legislation regulating Silicon Valley giants.
      Through iconic scenes and vulnerable story lines, Black women have helped define the genre and its future.
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      Maple Ridge in Lewis County is New York's largest wind farm. (Kate Lovering for The Post)
      By 2035, chief automakers will have turned away from the internal combustion engine. It will be up to the electric grid to fuel those new vehicles, but it barely functions today under ordinary stress and fails altogether too often for comfort.
      That's because the commission isn't actually charged with making recommendations, according to the White House. Instead, the draft report is expected to include “an appraisal of the merits and legality of particular reform proposals.”
      Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican, has resisted calls from Trump supporters for a forensic audit of the 2020 election. (Rick Wood/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel/AP)
      Calls for partisan audits aren't taking root in Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan or Nevada.
      Officials at the Federal Reserve have said inflation will settle down once supply chains clear their backlogs. But the delta variant and ongoing supply chain problems tied to the pandemic have complicated any sense of a timeline.
      Consumer advocates welcome the pandemic-era scrutiny on refunds, but they say there's room for improvement.
      The increase coming in 2022 is due to rising costs and inflationary pressures.
      This week brings family fun at farms, festivals centered around hard cider and the blues, and the debut of a popular holiday light show.
      The Tony Award-winning musical, inspired by Greek myth, includes the showstopper ‘Wait for Me.’
      The District DJ’s new band makes its debut at the Black Cat on Tuesday.
      A new HBO Max documentary about Brittany Murphy's bizarre marriage and 2009 death arrives too long after its major characters have died to offer much by way of justice or even closure.
      “Oscar: A Life” is now the fullest one-volume account of Oscar Wilde. (Knopf)
      The portrayal of a doctor in a mining town plagued by the opioid epidemic fits with other roles Keaton has tried in a phase of his career touching on resonant real-life stories.
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